How Focusing Your Marketing Efforts Can Help

So have we all returned to work after the festivities with new ideas and inspiration for attracting new business? In 2012, an Olympic year we need to be aiming high for achieving those ultimate goals. Increasing response rates and winning new customers may well be top of your agenda for 2012 so how do you go about it?

Think like an Olympic athlete and you can race past your competitors and collect gold every time. Athletes put so much training and effort in before the big race and this can be compared to direct mail campaigns because you will put a huge amount of foundation work into ensuring that you have an up to date database and as many quality contacts as possible. You follow this by choosing carefully exactly what you need to say – you may be promoting a brand new product or service so you will have all the meetings and discussions before a final draft is decided upon.

Then onto the final hurdle – you need to ensure that all your efforts are not going to be in vain and that your communication is read and not discarded before the starting pistol has fired. Some companies think that a letter or a flat pamphlet will suffice but I am of the opinion that this simply is not good enough anymore. You need to use attention-grabbing products that are not only entertaining but will definitely be opened, read and responded to.

Choose your product wisely – do you want to shock and surprise with a pop-up product or would you prefer to keep your customers entertained with fun folds? Either way you can award yourself a gold medal for keeping ahead of your competitors and ensuring that your professional and unusual approach to marketing is rewarded with higher response rates. You may be of the opinion that e-mail marketing is the way forward and whilst it does have its place I believe that it is still not as effective as direct mail that has attitude and creates an impact. How many times have you scrolled through your in-box hitting the delete button without a second thought? Your customers do exactly the same and whilst your e-shot may say something they would benefit from in a second it can be gone forever,

Direct mail items that have an element of surprise or are interactive are never ignored and are almost always shared with colleagues and co-workers too. It is easy to capture a greater audience with amusing and entertaining direct mail pieces; give them a try for your next marketing campaign and see the results for yourself. As I said earlier when compared to an Olympic athlete, it is not only about the training it is the performance on the day that counts.